KVB-Rad also in Chorweiler and Nippes


Discovered it yet? The KVB-Rad has now arrived in Chorweiler. You can now rent and return bikes at three stations in the district for now:

  • Stop „Blumenberg S-Bahn“ (S-Bahn lines S6, S11 as well as bus line 120) in Blumenberg
  • Junction Teufelsbergstraße/Kallbergstraße in Blumenberg
  • Stallagsbergweg in the recreational area Fühlinger See (near bus line 122) in Fühlingen

More stations are still being planned.

In Nippes there are already KVB bike stations. These have now been expanded to include another Station in Longerich at the intersection of Longericher Straße/Hansenstraße. 

All stations are marked in the map of the app.