May we introduce: the new KVB-Rad


Dear KVB-Rad fans,

We are proud to finally present you the new KVB-Rad bikes! 

New design, faster rental and return and a larger service area: In the video we show you how the new bike works. Also new: In the future, the bikes can be reserved 15 minutes in advance via the nextbike app. 

In the next few days, the first 1,500 bikes will be made available in the Cologne flexzone and the old bikes will be collected. By June, another 1,500 bikes will be added. If you have a VRS chip card, you can continue to use the KVB-Rad bike free of charge for 30 minutes per trip. This also applies to students at all Cologne universities and to schoolchildren over the age of 16 with a SchülerTicket. 

All others can get 30 free minutes per rental with our affortable monthly or annual rate, or pay €1 for 15 minutes with the basic rate. 

The service area 

In the future, the service area will be expanded to include the whole of Cologne. There will be some changes: 

  • Blue flexzone
    Here, bikes can be returned free of charge on any street that is visible to the public.

  • Pink flexzone
    Returning your bike in the pink flexzone costs 1 euro extra. Within the pink zone, some main streets are marked blue in the app. There, the return is free of charge.

  • Stations
    Outside the flexzone, there will be stations in the future. The return at a KVB-Rad station is free of charge. The locations of the stations are currently being coordinated between the administration of the city of Cologne, the district councils and the KVB and will be set up step by step in the coming months. 

You can rent the bike at a station and return it in the flexzone. The reverse is also possible, of course. 

The new bikes now also show you whether the return is allowed. Just check before returning the bike if the LED on the rear wheel flashes green quickly. If yes, the return is ok (free of charge or 1 Euro). If it flashes red, the bike is outside the flex zone and away from stations. A return here is not allowed. The app will show you which zone you are in. 

If you have any questions, please contact our customer service at any time at +49 (0) 221 29203390 or