Students of our cooperating institutions in Cologne cycle for less with the KVB-Rad


All participating institutions:

  • Universität Köln

  • Technische Hochschule Köln

  • Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln

  • Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln

  • CBS International Business School

  • Hochschule für Musik & Tanz Köln

  • Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln

  • Katholische Hochschule Nordrhein-Westfalen

  • HMKW Hochschule für Medien, Kommunikation und Wirtschaft

  • ifs internationale filmhochschule Köln

  • iba Internationale Berufsakademie Köln

  • Hochschule Macromedia 

  • KDA – Kölner Design Akademie 

  • ISM International School of Management 

  • IB Hochschule für Gesundheit und Soziales 

  • HSD Hochschule Döpfer 

  • ecosign/Akademie für Gestaltung

  • Kölner Hochschule für Katholische Theologie

  • Fresenius Hochschule



Register via app or website. You will receive the PIN for your customer account via SMS.

Link your VRS chip card in your customer account under Partners by entering your chip card number and your age. Now verify your chip card once by using it as a rental medium at least for the first rental. Learn more at How it works. You will then be able to cycle at a reduced rate for this and subsequent rentals.


Register with your student email address via app or website. You will be sent your PIN for your customer account via SMS and a confirmation link via email. After verification your account will be automatically activated.

You‘ve already registered with nextbike or KVB-Rad but didn't use your student email address? Simply update your email addresss in your customer account and confirm the link that is sent to this email address.



Students cycle at the VRS tariff. The first 30 minutes of each rental are free of charge. Every additional 30 minutes cost 1€, the daily rate for one rental up to 24 hours is 9€. 

You can use a single account to rent up to four bikes at once. The aforementioned benefits will however only apply to the first bike. This means you will be charged at the basic rate for each additional bike.

The conditions only apply to the KVB-Rad. In other cities the local tariffs apply.


The semesterticket-tariff applies for the current semester, up to two weeks after the end of the semester.  For the next semester you have to verify again.


With your account you can rent up to four bikes, but the special conditions only apply for one bike only. For every additional bike our local basic rate applies.


The cooperation with

 *Registration is free of charge. Since use beyond the free minutes is subject to payment, nextbike is forced to use the wording "order subject to payment". If you exceed the free minutes, your account will initially be blocked. As soon as you deposit a means of payment (credit card/direct debit/Paypal), your account will be unlocked again.

Get the nextbike app

Get the nextbike app

Get the nextbike app

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...or the KVB app

...or the KVB app